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A wide variety of Manzilmusk Refill for Diffusers, from all around the world
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Top Note : Bergamot, Orange
Heart Note : Sandalwood, Oak moss
Base Note : Labdanum, Patchouli

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Premium Quality Ingredients
High concentration Fragrances Oil
Long-lasting for a Strong Smell All Day & Night

Manzilmusk is the leading Scent Marketing Company in UK. Discover the unlimited possibilities of the use of scents. We can help you with everything about scent marketing, room fragrance systems, professional olfactive marketing solutions, personal fragrances, air design, Pro Diffusers, as well as room air fresheners, and odor removal
Being one of the experienced professional producers of scents and scent systems, we can present modern and functional scent systems and offer the possibility for scent creation as per your need.

Esterel Refill Diffuser – your ultimate solution to elevate your aromatic space and reclaim tranquility. Say goodbye to persistent odors caused by smokers, lingering toilet smells, pesky pet odors, or even the unwelcome remnants of hotel stays.

Immerse yourself in a world of olfactory delight as the Esterel Refill Diffuser effortlessly transforms your environment. Crafted with precision, this powerful diffuser is designed to combat odor disturbance, ensuring that your surroundings remain fresh and invigorating.

For those grappling with the aftermath of smoking disruptions, let the Esterel Refill Diffuser be your ally. Its carefully curated scents work harmoniously to neutralize and replace unwanted tobacco odors, leaving behind a subtle, pleasant fragrance that rejuvenates your space.

Bid farewell to bathroom woes with the Esterel Refill Diffuser’s ability to combat stubborn toilet smells. Its innovative formula not only masks but eliminates malodors, leaving your restroom with a welcoming and refreshing aura.

Pet owners rejoice! Esterel Refill Diffuser is specially formulated to tackle pet odors head-on. Whether it’s the scent of wet fur, pet dander, or lingering odors, this diffuser effortlessly restores your space to a harmonious and odor-free haven.

Additionally, for those who’ve experienced the challenge of erasing the traces of previous occupants in hotel rooms, the Esterel Refill Diffuser is your go-to solution. Transform any space into your personal sanctuary, erasing the remnants of previous guests and ensuring a pleasant, personalized atmosphere.


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Refills for Diffusers® | Esterel N°8
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