Oil | Oud & Rose | N°12


Unisex | Oriental Woody | Oud & Rose N°12

Introducing our captivating Oud-Rose oil perfume, a symphony of sophistication and allure that unfolds like a poetic journey on the skin.
Embark on a sensory adventure with the enchanting top note of Praline, a sweet and nutty prelude that sets the stage for an olfactory masterpiece.

Top Note : Praline
Heart Note : Oud, Rose
Base Note : Gaiac, Vanilla, Copahu

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Premium Quality Ingredients
High concentration Fragrances Oil
Long-lasting for a Strong Smell All Day & Night

As the heart notes unveil, Oud and Rose entwine in a passionate dance, creating a harmonious blend that is both timeless and contemporary. The rich, woody essence of Oud adds depth and mystery, while the delicate and velvety Rose essence imparts a floral opulence that captivates the senses.

Descending into the depths of luxury, the base notes of Gaiac, Vanilla, and Copahu leave an indelible impression. Gaiac wood contributes a smoky and earthy resonance, intertwining seamlessly with the sweet warmth of Vanilla. The exotic Copahu resin adds a touch of exotic sensuality, leaving a lingering trail of sophistication that is both enticing and unforgettable.

Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life, our Oud-Rose oil perfume is an embodiment of elegance and refinement. Immerse yourself in this exquisite fragrance that is as timeless as it is contemporary – a true testament to the artistry of perfumery.


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6ml - Oil Perfume
Oil | Oud & Rose | N°12
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