Car Diffusers®

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Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and create an environment that fosters positivity, tranquility, and emotional balance.
Elevate your space with the AromaZen Diffuser – where fragrance meets functionality, turning every moment into a sensory delight.

Product Name : CAR DIFFUSERS®
Usage : Car, Room, Home, Office, Hotel or Toilet
Product Size : 70mm (Diameter) * 137m (Height), 0.365KG (Weight)
App-Controlled = NO
Color : Black, Grey, Rose & Gold
Machine Material : Metal + Glass Bottle
Manzilmusk Oil Capacity : 2 bottles of 5ml
Coverage : 10m³
Power : 1.5W
Voltage : DC5V
Consumption : Less Than 1ml/hr
Packing : 50pcs/carton
Test Sample : Available at Shop

Packaging and delivery details :
Packing box 10.8*10.8* 15.4cm
Measure: 52*43*44.5cm
1 Diffuser in the box + 2 Perfumes of 5ml of your choice included in the price.

6ml Refill - 1
6ml Refill - 2

Elevate your daily experiences effortlessly with the Manzilmusk Diffusers® – the epitome of sophistication and practicality.
Bid farewell to unwelcome odors such as smokers disrupting your space, toilet smells, pet odors, and the lingering scents of hotels that might cause emotional anxiety.

Our Car diffusers are your ticket to restoring your aromatic space with ease and style.
Designed for versatile compatibility, the Manzilmusk Diffusers® seamlessly enhance all kinds of spaces.
From the chic ambiance of hotel lobbies and guest rooms to the vibrant energy of bars, KTVs, and spas, to the focused environment of offices and cyber cafes, our diffusers adapt effortlessly.

Whether you’re in an exhibition hall, restaurant, auto shop, cinema, or shopping mall, let the Car Diffusers® be your aromatic companion.
With its elegant and minimalist design, our diffusers effortlessly blend into various settings – be it your car, bedroom, home, office, hotel, or even the restroom.
Experience discreet and consistent fragrance delivery, ensuring your surroundings are enveloped in a pleasant aroma wherever you go, thanks to our latest smart technology.

The Car Diffusers® not only captivate your olfactory senses but also delight your visual senses.
Embrace both aromatic and aesthetic pleasure as our diffusers become an integral part of your environment.


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Car Diffusers®
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